Thursday, August 6, 2009

2009 Philadelphia Football

Well, I was in a local Target the other day so I had to make a stop in the card aisle. I was looking for some 2009 Topps Football since I hadn't seen any yet when I spotted these instead. Well I'm a sucker for anything new, so I grabbed a few packs. You can clearly see the first card inside, so I looked through them all to make sure I got some of Goose's favorites. I haven't see anyone else show these off yet, so here goes.

Pack 1 First card was Edgerrin James. He's not quite the back he used to be, but is still one of Goose's favorites. He has a James jersey he wears all the time. LenDale White and Randy Moss appear to be bookends for this year's number one pick I guess? Too bad his card doesn't tell who drafted him.

Pack 2 Matt Ryan was on top, so can't go wrong with a Rookie of the Year. Start off with a top young QB, sprinkle in a little Peppers and a Moss dupe, then finish the pack with a spare young QB.

Pack 3
Had to grab this pack since it had a Cowboy on top. Sure hope he can fill T.O.'s shoes. There's that unamed draft pick again fending off a tackle with a stiff arm. Finish with a Bronco, so Goose is happy again.
Pack 4
This pack is Bear intensive, which has Nobie and Goose arguing over who should get them. See, that's why I named my blog what I did. Goose thinks he lays automatic claim to any football cards in the house, but Nobie loves the Bears, I guess because they're big Cubs or something.

And, here's the back. All in all a pretty simple and plain design. The cards are pretty thick and have a matte kinda gloss to them. The photos are very clear, not muddy at all. I'm not sure what Obama has to do with football, but hopefully we won't get too many more. I'm not a fan of throwing unrelated, random subject matter into sports card sets. I feel like I get ripped off a little whenever I get one (though I do want the A&G Bigfoot relic). I think there are all sorts of other pop culture icons in this set as well, but we didn't get any. We don't really try to collect sets at all, but I'm sure we'll pick up a few more packs as the season goes along. I like 'em. Later.


  1. I like those cards! I may have to order some...

    nice to see you got the pics working!

  2. They look nice, remind me of O-Pee-Chee baseball