Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trade with Nachos Grande

Well, we just completed our second trade ever and it was with Chris over at Nachos Grande. We had a few cards from various sets he's trying to complete, so we sent them his way and this is what we got.

Fukudome 2009 Heritage. One of Nobie's favorite sets and a player on his favorite team. Does Topps do these Heritage sets in order. Nobie keeps asking me, but I'm not sure. Is next year 1961?

Pujols 2009 Goudey.

Pujols 2009 Heritage. I grew up going to Cardinals games, but now that I'm a transplanted Texan the Rangers are my favorite team. The Cardinals are still my favorite NL team though, and you gotta love Pujols, just an awesome player!

Ichiro 2009 A&G National Pride. Our Ichiro collection is growing rapidly, but this is one we did not have yet. Now for the grand finale...

KUUUUUUUUUUUURT!!! Yeeess!! Thanks to Chris my collection of the other Suzuki is underway. Kurt Suzuki 2009 A&G. In a few years it will just say Kurt under his photo! But that is not all...

Another Kurt. 2009 Heritage. So now my Kurt collection sits at 2 cards strong. I better free up some binder space! Later.


  1. That's a nice way to start off the Kurt collection.

  2. Glad you got 'em ok. Thanks for the trade and keep me in mind for future trades! I got your cards in the mail today - thanks again!