Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Acts of Rangers from Tribecards

We just got our Random Acts of Kindness package from David over Tribecards and it was loaded with former Ranger greats! If you haven't been to his blog yet and made a request for cards, you need to soon. Let's see what we got.

First we've got a couple of huge (5x7) boxtoppers (I guess) of Juando and Pudge, from back in the red shoe Rangers days. It's no coincidence that since the Rangers have added more red to the uni's this year they are in contention much later into the season. The only time they ever made the playoffs were the years in red. Why did they wait all these years to put the red back?! Next year I expect red uni's from head to toe, even the pants!

Next we've got Inky! The Topps card came from David, but the other one we got last year at a Grand Prairie Airhogs game where Pete is now the manager. He took them to the championship series of the American Association last year in their inaugural season.

Julio "Keeper of the Big Gold" Franco. Notice the huge chain popping out of the jersey. I wonder how much it cost.

A couple of big name pitchers. I don't remember much of Oil Can's time with the team, but Nolan is arguably the most famous Ranger ever, even though he wasn't here all that long. He's here now though as President and seems to be doing a great job!

I had to put this one in for Tunguska since he loves bunting cards. Mark does work for the Rangers tv broadcasts now on FSN.

Raffy, Raffy, Raffy!!! Say it ain't so. Maybe 'roids weren't the reason for his outstanding performance after all. I think he was cloned. I got 3 of him in my set anyway.
I saw Ruben play many games at old Arlington Stadium, now it looks like we may get to see Ruben Jr. in a few years, since he was just drafted by the Rangers this year. Notice Ruben's wristband. Does anyone remember those? For some reason I'm thinking many players back then had them and they featured their own faces for some reason. That doesn't look like Ruben to me though. I suppose I'm way off in my mind, but if someone has an idea, let me know.

And last but not least we have another Pudge and Rusty. Glad to have Pudge back as a Ranger for however long it lasts and its a shame that Rusty didn't last longer. He was a great guy and a hell of a fierce competitor. Well, those are the highlights. Thanks again David! Later.


  1. Heya! You are VERY welcome! the 5x7's actually contain a card INSIDE them. You have to decide to rip or not to rip! Just be careful if you decide to rip it!

  2. Wow, I had no idea! Choices, choices. I'll let you know if I decide to rip. Not sure how to do it.