Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ever wonder what is in one of these? No, well I have many times, so I finally decided to get one and see. Target sells them at 4 packs for $4.99. I've also seen them at Wal-mart, but they only do 3 packs for the same price. Go figure. Anyway, you can see through the front that there is a pack of 2007 Goudey and 2007 Fleer Ultra. I'll get to the 2 packs you can't see in a minute. First up: 2007 Goudey.

66-Jose Reyes, 129-Andre Ethier, 153-Troy Glaus, 277-Nolan Ryan Goudey Heads Up, 8-Alfonso Soriano, 92-Tim Hudson, 107-Dan Uggla, 131-Austin Kearns
Not bad. Nobie's favorite Alfonso & a Dan Uggla for his binder. The Nolan card is funny, I like the heads up cards just because they are so silly looking. Would have been cooler, though, if he was shown on the Rangers. Next is 2007 Fleer Ultra.
101-Bill Hall, 159-Chris Young, 93-Andre Ethier, 33-A.J. Pierzynski, 250-Delmon Young, GF-AB-Adrian Beltre Game Used Jersey
Not much out of this pack, but didn't expect a game used card out of something like this. I kinda figured any relic cards would have been pack searched out before being repackaged. Cool Find. Now comes the 2 mystery packs we couldn't see through the package front. First, we have 2007 Topps Updates & Highlights.
12 cards in the pack, here's the first half. 171-Andy Sonnanstine, 16-Francisco Rosario, 22-Jeff Salazar, 189-Lee Gronkiewicz, 194-Guillermo Rodriguez, 124-Lenny Dinardo. Nothing here. I don't even really know any of these guys.

Now the second half. MMLB-1-Mickey Mantle, 100-Abraham Nunez, 287-Alex Rios, 173-Kevin Slowey, 263-Alfonso Soriano, 222-Ichiro. A little better second half, at least we know most of these guys. Nobie already had the Soriano, but we needed the Ichiro for our binder. The last pack is 2008 Topps Opening Day.

26-Derrek Lee, 184-Adrian Gonzalez, 69-Tim Lincecum, 85-Melky Cabrera, 199-Radhames Liz, 83-J.J. Hardy. Well, Lee will go in Nobie's Cubs binder and the Gonzalez in his favorite players binder, so we got two for sure keepers.
So, for basically $1.25 per pack, it wasn't too bad. A few favorites and an unexpected jersey card, I think made it worth while. See anything you need, let me know. Everything but the Cubs and Ichiro is available for trade. Later.

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  1. There must be a rule somewhere that EVERY repack box must contain at least one pack of Topps Update & Highlights cards.