Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Trade with Play at the Plate

One of the first guys I traded with after starting this blog was Brian from Play at the Plate. He has also become our most frequent trader as this is now the third time we have swapped some cards. Funny thing is, we are also practically neighbors as we are both in the Dallas area. I wonder if it would be cheaper to meet in the middle gaswise than it is for postage. Anyway, Brian sent us a nice pack of cards divided for the 4 of us. That's right, no longer three collectors in the house but four, more on the newest later.

These are the cards Brian sent for me. There were Rangers and Cowboys (my 2 favorite teams), a couple of Elways and Ozzies (favorite players), a Marino and a catcher for my newest collection.

Goose received a bunch of football, mostly Broncos, his favorite team. The Chargers were actually designated for me, but Goose decided he needed them more. I decided he could have them. The Chargers that I mainly collect are from the Air Coryell days in the 80's. I've always had a soft spot for the Chargers though, I guess because that's where I was born and spent the very early years of my life.

Brian sent Nobie a ton of Cubbies and a couple of Vlads. Man, I wish the Angels would beat the Yankees, doesn't look good though.

Last but not least, we have the cards sent for our newest collector, Baby Peas. Baby Peas is my daughter, and while she isn't a major baseball fan per se, she does love going to Ranger games. She even has a baby doll that gets dressed in Ranger gear and lugged around with her. Her two favorite Rangers are David Murphy and Marlon Byrd, so when she gets dragged to the card shop she spends all her time looking for their cards with no luck so far. Brian was kind enough to send 3 Byrds for Baby Peas and even though they are from his Phillie days, she loved them. I guess we need to see if we can find some Murphys from when he was a Red Sock now. Check out Brian's blog if you haven't yet and hit him up for some cards, he always delivers. Brian, thanks again and you've got a pack heading your way now. (I've probably passed it on the way to work!) Later.

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  1. I'm glad they made it. I can't help much with the 80s Chargers...I got rid of most all of those cards in my big sale a couple of years ago! If I run across any Murphy in a Sox uni I'll send them on for Baby Peas.