Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Pack Rips

Picked up a few random packs from Target recently, this is what we got. First up is 2008 Topps Heritage.

Nothing overly exciting here. We are not building this set or anything, but Nobie and I both like the set so we grab a pack here and there. Got a Derrek Lee for Nobie's Cubs binder at least. Next, we have 2009 UDX.

Now this is a set we are building and it's getting a little frustrating. We picked this set because at 100 base cards, it is pretty small plus you get 2 inserts in every pack (die cut and xponential). The problem is, after getting about 2/3 of the set in 2 blasters we have only been buying individual packs and we are basically getting only 1, sometimes 2, needed cards per pack. That makes for a lot of doubles and slow building. In this pack, for instance, all we needed were the Hamilton and Rios. I can't decide how to go forward with completing this set. Not a lot of people are building it, so trade options are limited and buying a box would maybe get us closer, but also provide even more doubles. Or, we could stick with buying single packs, I don't know. Any advice? The next pack is 2009 Topps Chrome.

I really like the Chrome, but don't buy a lot because you get so few cards per pack for the money. I did get an Alexei Ramirez for my PC and a cool Kenji Refractor for my new catcher collection, so it was a pretty good pack. The last pack I picked up was 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom.

Again, I like the base of these just fine and they are one of the better values when it comes to cards/price per pack. We ended up with a Blaylock for the Rangers collection, a Milton Bradley for Nobie's Cubie binder & a Holliday, Bay, Sizemore & Berkman for Nobie's PC binder. Not bad. The Manny Seasoned Veteran insert is kinda cool too. Well, that's all for this trip to Target. Most of these are available for trade, let us know if interested. Later.


  1. Hey Big D, I just printed your UDX wantlist and will see what I've got for you. Tell Nobie I haven't forgotten him and the Ticket cards I pulled. By the way, who is Baby Peas on your list? Is this a new collectore I need to help out?

  2. If you want some chrome doubles I have, email me your address and I send out what I have that you collect.