Friday, October 16, 2009

B-day Presents

Hey this is Nobie and,well for my bday that was Sep.23 a couple of weeks ago my dad ordered me a box of 2007 Masterpieces. Now I am collecting this set, my dad might have already told you. This is the hit I pulled from the box a Jonathan Papelbon Captured on Canvas white swatch. Not much for me but I will trade somebody for a relic of one of my binder players,a ranger or a cub. If you have one just contact my dad. Another thing he got me was a Elvis Andrus auto. and a rookie insert of him.He is my favorite ranger just to let you know. He got them off of ebay for I don't know how much.
And last but not least my favorite two Soriano's I have to add to my 100 and something collection of him. The reason I have so many is because he is my all time favorite. I got a Destined for History blue swatch just to let you know I love blue swatches of cubs. And I also got a Bowman Sterling game used bat for my collection. I got these also from ebay.

Well that's all in the next two days or so I should have a post about my 2008 timeline box break!


  1. Happy belated birthday !! My two sons just had b-days on Oct.2nd and 14th. I owe your Dad a package.It's just about ready to send out and has somthing for everyone!

  2. ahhh, how sweet :)