Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trade with Great Sports Name Hall of Fame

Well, I've fallen a little behind in trade posts, so I'm going to try and catch up. I've made two trades with Tim from the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame, but I've yet to post the first one, so here they both are. The first trade was for random cards from our "Hey what do you like to collect?" conversation. He sent us a nice stack of football and baseball cards, here are some of them.

First we have a trio of Hall of Famers (pretty sure Seau will make it) in Action Packed form. I never actually bought any of these cards. For some reason the embossing on them always creeped me out a little. Some of the faces were kind of deformed looking at certain angles, but this is a nice trio of players to get. Anyways, I'm older now, so they are quite as scary.

Our next football card is of one of my favorite Broncos, hard hitting Steve Atwater. Appropriately enough, he is trying to rip off another player's head. Oh well, it's just a Brown. Sorry, couldn't resist. :)

Here we have 3 Cubs for Nobie and a Card for me. I suppose Cubs & Cards shouldn't be displayed together like this. A fight could break out.

3 Cowboy greats. Oh, how we long for the return of the glory days in Big D!

And lastly, from the first package Tim sent, we have a bunch of Rangers, including a couple of Geno Petralli's for the catcher collection.

Speaking of catchers, the second package I received a few weeks later included only catchers. I've had several fellow bloggers contact me saying they enjoyed my post about collecting a certain genre and Tim was the first to send some genre specific cards. Tim's specialty genre is players with ridiculous/funny names, so if you've got any send them his way. Thanks again for the trades Tim. Later.


  1. Poor Brownie.

    And I'm glad you liked the cards! My favorite catchers among the bunch are the floating ball pictured (middle row far right) and the Pat Borders mask-less one (because he's got a goofy face).