Monday, October 26, 2009

Trade with Budget Baseball Cardboarding

Well, this is my 3rd post today, which I think is a record for me, but I'm trying to get caught up. This trade (actually it's just a gift so far, as I haven't returned the favor yet) was with ChrisOK from Budget Baseball Cardboarding. Chris sent me an email out of the blue offering up some shiny chrome, so I said sure, bring it on! I guess he checked our "what we collect" list out too, because he sent a lot more.

First we have an interesting promo card thingy for Topps Heritage featuring David Murphy. He is one of Baby Peas' favorites, so it was a nice surprise.

Chris also sent this David Murphy, which I believe is from UD Timelines. Check out that look of determination, must've hit a homer on the next pitch.

Elway greatness!!

3 Kurts. I actually already have these, but it's the thought that counts and I appreciate everyone contributing to my newest fave player collection. Actually, it will be nice to have doubles, one for the Kurt binder and one for the catcher binder, to go with these guys...

including a nice chromey Kenji.

It wouldn't seem like a complete trade without the stack 'o Cubs for Nobie and here they are. Chris also threw in a Peavy or three as well as an Uggla. The Peavy xfractor is especially nice.

Last, but not least, a big ol bunch of Rangers, including another xfractor. This one is Greg Golson, who I think played maybe 1 game for the Rangers this year, but at least it's a pretty card. It definitely works better to use photos for chrome rather than scanning. Chris, thanks a bunch for the cards and I'll return the favor soon. Later.

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