Saturday, October 3, 2009

Trade with Wicked Ortega

We got a nice sized box in the mail the other day and it came from new trading partner Wicked Ortega over at My Past Time... I Love It!! Mr. Ortega sent us a big bunch of old & new school Rangers and some football cards for Goose. Once again, Goose took off with the football before I got a chance to scan any of them in. I really need to stop telling the kids when we get new cards until after I get them scanned in. Oh well, at least they are appreciated. Okay here are some of the highlights.

2009 Ian Kinsler Gold Rare Starquest - we already had the silver common and the blue uncommon. We're slowly working our way up to the Black Super Rare I guess.

Some type of 1992 Upper Deck Grand Slam Super Shiny Holography card of Ruben Sierra. Not sure what this came from as it has Coca-Cola official soft drink of MLB on the back. Some sort of giveaway I guess. Neat though.

Sweetness! 'Nuff said.

2008 UD Ichiro checklist - I'm not exactly sure why, but I really like this card. I'd seen it before, but didn't have it until now. It's a neat action shot, although at first glance it almost looks like Ichiro's glove is on backwards or something.

Next up we've got a couple of 2007 UD Future Stars - Not sure how Vlad is considered a future star on this cards since he's already had an 11 yr career up to that point, but Kinsler certainly was.

Last but not least is this little gem, specifically for Nobie. A hand numbered (?) Bazooka back mini of Alfonso. Very nice inclusion, that we didn't know was coming. The trade we agreed on was just to swap stuff from each others wants/favorites lists, so this was a nice surprise. Check out Wicked's blog if you haven't already. Good Stuff. Later.

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  1. Wicked's been teasing me with the mention of A&G minis and an address I need....