Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trade with Ryan's Memorabilia Blog

I haven't posted in a few days and I keep telling myself that I need to post about something other than trades, but I really feel like I should post each and every trade. I'm having trouble coming up with random topics anyway, so I'm just going to try to catch up with the trades for now. Ryan from Ryan's Memorabilia Blog is a big Ripken collector who has taken the time to put his collection up on Zistle. I checked it out and discovered we had a few that he didn't have, so I packed them up with a few random Orioles and sent them out.

What we got in return (or should I say, what Nobie got in return) was a big ol bunch of Cubs. A nice mix of players and sets, including a couple of Xponential inserts from 2009 UDX that we didn't already have in our collection.

Nobie got a box of 07 Masterpieces for his birthday and is only 3 base cards shy of the whole set. Ryan added to it by sending these nice black border variations of Cubs Lee and Sandberg. I really wish Upper Deck would bring the Masterpieces set back. I think it was one of their better offerings.

Up next we have this craptacular 90's something Pacific Ryne Sandberg. Wow, I don't know what to say exactly except that this card is awesome in its gaudiness (depending on how the light hits it, of course). Sorry for the blurry photo, I guess our camera didn't know how to handle it either!

Lastly, we have a handful of UDX diecuts from 08 & 09. All Cubs again. I guess I should have let Nobie post on these cards, since they were all Cubs. Oh well. If you've got any spare Ripkens laying around, pass them on to Ryan. One of the Ripkens we sent actually made #500 in his collection, so that was cool that we helped him reach a milestone. Hmm... I wonder how long until my Kurt collection hits 500? Later.

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