Saturday, October 3, 2009

Okay I decided to Zistle, with a little Kurt update.

Okay, a few days ago, I asked for advice from my fellow bloggers about Zistle. After hearing what they had to say I decided to go for it and check it out in depth. I have to say, it's pretty cool and very useful. For the most part it's very user friendly once you get in there and experiment a little bit. I decided to start with my Kurt collection which, as you can tell from the photos below, has grown a little bit.

I added quite a few cards for cheap (the auto was only $2.49 shipping included) through ebay and by trying for the first time. Most of the cards were already listed in Zistle with photos so all I had to do was click on them and add to my collection. There were a couple listed with no photos, so I uploaded photos for them which have yet to appear. (I think there is some sort of approval process when modifying existing entries, at least that's the way I understand it.) The 3 or 4 which were not there at all were very easy to add. I filled out the info for each missing card, uploaded a photo and bam, they were added to my collection. The cool thing is though, that whenever you add a card to your personal collection, it gets added to the entire Zistle database for others to add as well. So the more we all use Zistle, the easier (less work) it will be for each of us.

If you want to see my collection for yourself, check out this link For now it's just Kurt, but more will be added soon. Give it a try yourself, I don't think you will be disappointed. Later.


  1. Great! The more people who contribute, the better Zistle will get. :)

  2. Nice looking Suzuki collection. My father-in-law got a chance to speak to Kurt last season in Arlington. Just a short exchange. Seemed like a class act.