Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How can you not love these guys?

I came across this card, which I didn't know existed, at a show the other day and had to have it right away. As soon as I bought it, I found another one at the next table for half the price. Oh well, it was only a buck. Anyway, this card is a perfect example of what makes the current crop of Rangers such a great team to root for. They have FUN playing the game and being a team, which is what it should be all about, right? This past season was one of the best ever considering they stayed in contention right up until the end and basically outperformed everyone's expectations. Here's hoping they can build on it and maybe win the division next year. I can't wait for 2010 already! Now I just need to get another copy. My wife took one look at it after I got it home and decided she needed one for her knickknack shelf at school, but I'm not giving her mine! She'll just have to get her own. Later.


  1. That is fun card and the Rangers are a fun team to watch... They had a nice rivalry with the Rays for about two weeks when both teams still were battling the Red Sox for the wild card...

  2. This is a cool card, probably one of the funnier ones in the U&H set.