Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trade with The Pursuit of 80's(ness)

I started this blog in hopes of meeting other fellow collectors and pulling off a few trades, which we have. What I didn't expect was to make friends with anyone from across the pond. I didn't even know they knew what baseball was over there. Isn't that cricket country? Anyway, a while back I got an unsolicited email from a guy saying he was from England and that he had some Rangers to send me. All he wanted me to do was wait for the package and then just return the favor with whatever I thought was fair. Was I interested, he asked. Well, of course, I replied, so I sent him my address. Our new friend's name is John from The Pursuit of 80's(ness) and he collects Red Sox (I guess we can still be friends). This is some of what he sent us.

A Turkey Red of Michael Young. I had seen this card before but didn't have one. While I'm up for any Michael Young card, this isn't one of his better ones to me. Something about the painting is off, I think his ears are too big or his upper body is too big compared to his legs or something. Oh well, it's still a card of my favorite Ranger, so it's all good.

John also sent a couple of Topps Attax, one shiny and one not. My daughter's favorite player is David Murphy so she'll get a kick out of adding a new card of his.

Next we have a trio of mini Goudeys. Well the Kinsler is a mini for sure. The other two come from the year the whole set was mini, I think, so do they actually count as minis then?

We also received a big mess o' Rangers from various sets to add to our collection. Now I've got to dig up a bunch of Red Sox for John and ship them over seas. I wonder how he ended up being a British Red Sox fan, although, to be honest, I'm not sure he is. I guess he could be a lonely American living abroad jonesing for some actual baseball and not that cricket stuff. Maybe he's even a spy! I guess I need to do some research on my new friend. Check out his blog and see what you think. Later.


  1. I have the Michael Young cabinet card from '07 Turkey Red, if you're interested.