Friday, April 16, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage Pack Analysis

I picked up a pack of 2010 Heritage from Wally World the other day. Here is my in-depth analysis of the entire pack.

This is the wrapper. It's red and exclusive. It says there should be 8 Major League Baseball cards inside. At least it won't have any cards from whatever league that is in the Upper Deck packs. Man, I was totally confused when I opened a pack of those. Oh yeah, it also says there should be gum inside. Let's check.

Sure enough, there was gum. Serial numbered gum at that. We got piece #8273, not sure out of how many. Anyone want to trade? What are these going for on ebay?

Next, we have the 7 regular base cards included in the pack. We don't collect any of these players or teams, so that kinda sucks. Marco Scutaro looks really happy, but he doesn't realize what a doucher he looks like wearing his button down, generic businessman oxford underneath his jersey. Lame-O!

The eighth card, however, is awesome. This guy we do collect and it's a Short Print to boot. I hate short prints, but this is one we need so it's all good. Feliz has already replaced Frankie Francisco as closer for the Rangers after just one week, as 'Ol Ron Wash panics to save his job before the season even gets started. You can tell it's a Short Print because it's white on the back, not that grey cereal box interior looking stuff. At least that's what people say on the internet. For all I know white backs could actually be 1 of 1s or Cards Yo Momma Threw Out or something. Anyway, we're keeping it.

The last item in the pack was not even listed in the odds on the wrapper. It's the anti-theft device which I think are inserted into every 5th pack or so. Sweet pull, right? It also works like a charm as the nice elderly greeter at the door politely asked to see my receipt as the buzzer went off when I exited the store. She asked if I had any electronics or perfume or something in my bags. I said, "No, just food and baseball cards." She looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. This has happened to me before, they never suspect the cards for some reason. Maybe Walmart needs to have the greeters review the potential causes for setting off their alarms. She looked over my receipt and mumbled something, then let me go. Whew! Close call.
So there you have it, my in-depth pack analysis of 2010 Topps Heritage. Grab a pack or two sometime, but make sure you pack search for the anti-theft device and leave those behind. It'll save you a potential frisking by an elderly lady. Later.


  1. BigD-I've had that problem with the greeters too. Once I bought only baseball cards at one of those big box type stores and the greet had a hard time believing that I wasn't trying to hide something else from him. Mr Greeter-man didn't know that I'm not that kind of guy!

  2. I love Topps Heritage set and I love the story of why you got stopped and the serial numbered gum. Keep up the great work on the blog.

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