Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maybe Upper Deck will try this!

Got another yellow envelope in the mail the other day. This time it was from Ryan at The Great Orioles Autograph Project. That guy is nuts, trying to collect an auto of every Oriole ever! Good luck man, I'd drive myself nuts with the seeming impossibility of it. Ryan sent us a few cards for the only two insert sets we are collecting in 2010 Topps, Peak Performance and Toppstown.

Here we have a nice Ryan Braun. Apparently, Topps got this photo from Upper Deck since there are no visible (well, barely Mr. Prosecutor) logos. Originally, we were only going for PC cards from this set, but Nobie wants them all now.

Ryan also sent 3 gold Toppstown cards of Ichiro, Wright and Halladay. Topps went one further than Upper Deck on the Wright card by not only showing no logos, they didn't even bother with his face! Maybe that will be what we get from UD next. A complete set of logoless, faceless players. Wouldn't you love a box of that? Thanks Ryan for getting us a little closer to finsihing these sets. Later.

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