Monday, April 19, 2010

Pack Rip 2007-08 Topps Chrome Basketball

I picked up two packs of 07-08 Topps Chrome Basketball from the Target discount box the other day. These cards look decidedly more chromey than most years because of the thick chrome border. The only bad thing is the text is only outlined, which makes it hard to read. Let's see what we got.

Pack 1
Sweet. Nice start with a Steve Nash. Paul Pierce, Jameson Curry & Andrew Bogut round out the pack.

Pack 2
Bill Sharman starts it off. Don't really know anything about him, though. I also got Andre Iguodalla, Corey Brewer and some guy named LeBron.

Well, nothing outstanding here, but we will be keeping the Nash and Lebron. Everything else is up for grabs if you see anything you want or need. Later.


  1. I don't "need" it per say, but you're welcome to send me the Jameson Curry some day. I nominated him for the GSNHOF once upon a time due to his sweet first name (part James, part Leon), and would love to add him to my great name collection. But no rush, lol he's just one card.

  2. Love Chrome. I am actually collecting the 08-09 set. You can check that out on my blog.

  3. It's really JamesOn Curry. That second capitalization is essential!