Thursday, April 15, 2010

Topps Series 1 Base Set Complete! Thanks to Chris!

Thanks to reader Chris we have completed the base set of 2010 Series 1. This is the first year Nobie and I have tried to build the Topps set. We bought one box and several individual packs ourselves and the rest have come from trades with our "buds". The only subset we decided to collect completely was the Toppstown cards. We were only going after a select few of the Peak Performance cards, until Nobie just now looked over my shoulder and said, "Dad, I wanna get all of the Peak Performance cards. I like that set." I guess we'll have to update our list then!

Along with the last 2 cards of the base set, Chris sent us 3 gold Toppstowns and a Pujols Peak Performance. We also received a handful of Rangers.

We got 3 2010 Opening Day Topps including hot hitting Nelson Cruz. Nellie and Vlad are almost unstoppable at the moment, though I didn't get to see tonight's game, so maybe they bombed. I was instead out watching Goose's soccer team bomb in their last regular season game. Oh well, at least they kept their Division 1 spot for next season. As I've mentioned before, I think Topps dropped the ball on the Opening Day cards. They are way too similar to the regular set. They put in totally different inserts, so now they just need to do the same with the base set. So, on to Series 2 in a month or two. Thanks a ton, Chris! Later.

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  1. Derek,

    I've got the following Peak Performance cards from your list....let me know if you still need them and I'll get them out with some other stuff I had for you.

    7,10,12,13,18,20,22,24,28,29,31,38,40,42,44,46, and 48.