Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mavs Win! Check Out My Cards!

Well, the playoffs finally got underway this weekend and thanks to another great performance from Dirk, the Mavs are up on the Spurs 1-0. I think as long as Dirk can have his way with the Spurs, the Mavs should be able to take the series and advance to round 2. I don't really think the Spurs have anyone who can contain him. Caron Butler had a good night with 22 points and Kidd was two rebound shy of another triple-double. Can't wait for the next one!

Recently I made another trip through the virtual aisles of COMC. As you can see, I was mostly on a Dirk run. I picked up several inserts from various Panini sets, as I haven't bought many packs from them this year. I'm only building the base set. The rest of their sets don't hold much appeal for me, they're all kinda the same. Too much boring photography. I do like a lot of their inserts, however, so I'm trying to get all of those.

All but 1 of the cards that aren't from Panini, came form Upper Deck. Man, it really sucks that they aren't gonna be doing much of anything anymore. What a mess they've gotten themselves into. They really made a lot of great things over the years and I miss them already. The baseball selections alone this year are borrring!
Besides Dirk, I picked up a nice Roddy B jersey card. I really like this kid, though I doubt we'll see him much in the playoffs. I also got a new Mark Aguirre card. It's getting really hard to find any new cards of him that I don't have. There just aren't that many cards of him around. I guess basketball cards weren't much of an item in the '80s. The last bball card I picked up was a red border Turkey Red of my man Michael Finley.

After filling my card with basketball selections, I figured I should get at least a few baseball cards, so I added some new Youngs to the collection. Michael's started a little slow this year, but I have now doubt he'll end up over .3oo when all is said and done. It was nice to see him get his first home run of the season this weekend even if the Rangers as a whole didn't look so hot. Well, that's all I picked up this time. Go Mavs!! Later.

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