Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Box from Tim!

I went to the mailbox the other day and pulled out an unexpected box. It was from Tim at the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.

Packed in side were all kinds of cards for me and the boys. I've got a lot of pictures to show, so I'll go easy on the words.

I hope Tim's health is fine, because he seems to have left his entire Jake Peavy collection to Nobie. He sent enough cards for not one...

not two...

but three photos! Nobie was shocked and didn't have most of them.

Nobie also scored cards of Ryno...

several mini Cubs (wait, aren't all cubs mini?)...

and new Hall of Famer "The Hawk" and friends.

Tim made sure to throw in a few of my faves as well. Gotta love the 90s cheese fest that is Pacific Crown-whatever.

We also got a big 'ol pile of old school Rangers, most of whom I don't really remember much about.

Ah, but not these guys. These guys I know. These are some of the cleanest guys in baseball history. Played the game the way it was meant to be played with a lot of hard work and integrity. The billboard between Juando and Jose's heads says it all. POWER. I wonder where all that power came from?

Cowboy superstar QBs were also in the box along with...

some Hall of Famers...

a bunch of Metal Men...

and some random gladiators of the gridiron. Thanks a ton for all the cards Tim! Hope you make a speedy recovery! Just kidding. No, wait, I'm not kidding, am I? I mean, if you're really on your deathbed, I do hope you pull through. I'm pretty sure you're fine though, so there's no need for a recovery. Is there? Later.


  1. Hahaha...no major illnesses here. Just cutting down on the collecting goals so I can achieve a few of them! I'm glad you guys liked the cards, and I'm hoping round 2 will bring happiness as well (it's a much smaller package, but still has some cool stuff!).

  2. The Moose really knows how to pacl a Priority Mail box. Hes sent me one of those a couple of months ago.

  3. Score! Free box of cards is always a good thing.

    And let's hope Jake Peavy can pull it together this year so that there's something to cheer for.