Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Now that's a mask!

I've mentioned it before, but whatever happened to the customized catchers masks? Several years ago when catchers began using the "hockey" style mask they were often smartly decorated just like hockey goaltenders do. Take this one for example, worn by Bengie Molina while a member of the Jays. Sweet, no?

Now it seems the majority of this type of mask are just plain. Someone suggested that it's because catchers switch teams so much, but surely not. These guys make plenty of dough. It shouldn't be too expensive to just get a new paint job or new mask completely. I think it would make for a cool collection. Is there some MLB rule against customizing them now? Anyone know for sure?

All of these cards came in a trade from reader Jason. All the other catchers he sent are simply wearing the old school catchers helmet and separate mask. Funny thing is, I think these are almost exclusively used in the pros. Nobie does some catching for his team and wants to use this style, but I haven't seen them anywhere, even online. I'm not sure it would even be legal in his age group anyway.

We sent Jason a few Heritage he was needing and he sent the catchers along with these 3 cards of dudes we collect. Thanks for the trade, Jason and if anyone knows the answer to my mask question, let me know. Later.

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