Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Releases! Big D Customs.

Okay, I've got a new batch of customs to show you guys, but before I do, I want to point out a new feature to the blog. (Well it's been here for a few weeks, but I've made some updates.) For those of you who don't know, I like to create my own cards. In order to make them easier to share, I created a Picasa album which you can find by clicking on the bigD logo to the right. It looks like this:

In the album you will find all the latest bigD cards, assuming I manage to keep it updated. I have created several cards with specific bloggers in mind. Once I figured out how to make the virtual cards a reality, I started sending some out. If you check below some of the images you can find a link to the lucky recipient's blog, where you can then read about their impressions of what they received. I think everyone digs them, at least that's what they let on.

Okay, now for the new releases I promised. First up is a Ryan Howard Big Piece of the Puzzle. I made a Nyjer Morgan for this set as well, which now has a new home. This design is something I guess I would imagine as an insert set.

This Ichiro is my idea of a Topps Gallery type of card set. Different players depicted in various artistic styles.

The last card features my first mash-up of sorts. Pablo Sandoval kinda burst on the scene last year I guess it was and somewhere acquired the nickname Kung Fu Panda. I couldn't resist combining Pablo and his nickname and this is what I came up with:

Kinda crazy looking isn't it? As always, load up the comments section with your reviews, I love to hear your opinions. Also, be on the lookout for an upcoming bigD customs sweepstakes giveaway (is that redundant?), if I can drum up interest that is. Later.


  1. The Ichiro is sick. Seriously one of the best you've made so far. And a division rival on top of that - nice.

  2. Fantastic, as usual. Idea-wise and execution-wise.

  3. I really thought the Howard was nice until I saw the Ichiro. That is the new standard for Big D customs and is absolutely brilliant.

  4. I agree with all that's been said - that Ichiro is epoc, but they all look great! The Kung Fu Panda one is crazy hahaha, but I love it.

  5. They're all great, but that Ichiro is fantastic. Probably my current favorite.

  6. The Ichiro reminds me of an early 90s poster. I remember one of Warren Moon that I think got made into a football card.