Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Opening Day Win and Pack Rip

I guess I should have posted this yesterday, but oh well. I'm not really good at staying on schedule when making posts. In honor of the Rangers bottom of the ninth victory on Opening Day, here is a pack of Topps Opening Day I actually ripped a few days before.

As you can see, we scored a Rangers hot pack! We haven't bought a ton of these, but when the urge to pick something up comes around, we usually grab a few. There isn't a whole lot else out there at the moment. It's cool that they cost just a buck and you get at least 1 insert per pack, usually more. Baby Peas really likes the mascot cards, so we're going after them and Nobie digs the design of the Toppstowns, though he says it sucks that they put the code on the front for some reason. I have to say I agree with that assessment.

What I like about Opening Day is that you get some of the players in their new unis, like Cliff Lee above (though the Topps editors, should have checked out that photo a little more closely, but you all know that by now). The other thing is you get some players, such as Michael Young, who have yet to appear in the regular Topps set. What I don't like, however, is that the Opening Day set is TOO similar to the regular set. Other than having no foil and adding the Opening Day logo, they are the exact same cards. I think they should at the very least, have a different border, a la the red borders of the circles set from 2 years ago. Here is my simple attempt at remedying (is that a word?) the problem this year.

Behold, 2010 Topps Opening Day BigD Modified Border Edition. What do you think? Later.


  1. Ya know what? I am extremely anti-Opening Day but if the borders were all whiggetywhack like that I'd buy it.

  2. Much better. You always know what to do. Why doesn't Topps?

  3. Bring on the Big D Border variety. It's great.

  4. Nice, I was a little disappointed that they didn't change border color this year.

  5. agreed, I didn't read the post until I had scrolled through the pictures and I thought that the stripes was a parallel... I have passed on blasters a couple of times, but after thinking that was a parallel, I was all yum.

    Unfortunately it was just your amazing upgrade to the cards. Oh well, money saved for different things!